The company is registered with Minister of Finance to supply certain products and services. The following are the products and services that approval had been granted  by the Ministry:-

3(A). Approved suppliers of products and services to government:-

Product Coding
Product / Services Heading

Bahan bacaan
(Reading materials)


Mesin pejabat
(Office equipments)

Perkakas elektrik
(Electrical equipments)

Kelengkapan dapur
(Kitchen utensil)

Alat perhubungan
(Telecommunication equipments)

Alat bantuan mengajar
(Education equipments)

Peralatan/ Pakaian sukan
(Sports equipments/ uniform)

Cenderamata dan hadiah
(Souvenir and prizes)

Peralatan dan kelengkapan perubatan
(Medical equipments)

Kelengkapan makmal
(Laboratory equipments)

Peralatan pertanian dan ternakan
(Agricultural equipment and husbandry)

Peralatan keselamatan jalan raya
(Road safety equipments)

Mesin dan kelengkapan bengkel
(Machinery and workshop equipments)

Mesin dan kelengkapan khusus
(Machinery and specific equipments)

Alatganti dan kelengkapan pesawat
(Spare parts and aircraft equipments)

Motor dan alat ubah
(Motors and equipments)

Data entry / Perisian
(Data entry and perisian)

Software products and services


Form 9
Form 24
Form 32 (A)
Form 44
Form 48(A)
Form 49

Ready Made Companies

If you have golden business opportunity and need company ‘now’ we get it done for you ‘now’.

Click the ready made companies, we will then forward to you list of companies available. Decide which name suit you.

On confirmation, please send the correct amount to our bank, we will then proceed with preparing all the documentation. You can immediately make letter heads, business cards, forward application using the new company - since the company is yours.

The form 48(A) need to be attested before commissioner of oaths or notary public. If you do not have such contact of your own, we make an arrangement to get the documents attested before the commissioner of oath.

If you want to register a new company please forward to us the proposed name together with a fee of RM 50 per name. The money be banked into our bank account and thereafter fax the bank pay in ship to us.

Our bank

Public Bank Bhd. Seremban
Current Account  No : 3119098821
Made of Payment : Cash
                             Bank draft
                             Money order
                             Telegraphic transfer cheque

3 (B). Services to Entrepreneurs.

1.    Start-Up advice

2.    Company searches

3.    Company Registration
3.1  Unlimited Liability
                     Sole proprietors

3.2   Company limited by shares
                      Private limited (Sdn. Bhd.)
                      Limited (Bhd.)

3.3   Company limited by guarantee
                      Foundation (Yayasan) Ltd. (Bhd.)

       Ready made companies  (request for list of        companies)

3.5   Loss companies

4.     Company secretarial services

5.     Registered office facilities

6.     Nominee Directors

7.     Company searches – name and status

8.     Winding Up:

            Strike off under sec 308 of Company Act             1965
                     Company winding up
                     Members voluntary winding up
                     Creditors voluntary winding up
                     Winding up by the court

9.    Accounting

10.   Taxation

Companies Act 1965


Every company must have at least two directors residing in Malaysia.

Undischarged bankrupt is not eligible for appointment as directors – Sec. 125 (1)

Company Acts recognised only those directors that have been registered with CCM.

CCM will enforce the mandatory directors training soon.

Company Secretaries

Company secretaries must be licensed by CCM.
Company secretaries are appointed by board of directors
Company secretaries can resign if effort to trace directors unsuccessful.

Management and Administration

The directors are responsible for management of the company.

The auditors are appointed  by members at general meeting and in some instances by board of directors.

Every company must hold Annual General Meeting once every 12 months except in the first year which can be up to 18 months.

Shares are under control of shareholders and directors.

Directors have to watch “insolvent trading” because this will expose them to unlimited liability status under creditors voluntary winding up.

Company limited by guarantee

Suitable for Foundation (Yayasan) or Charitable Organisations

The word Berhad (limited) can be left out in the letter head.

More appropriate if contemplating to apply for tax exemption on company and also on contributors.

Loss Companies

Some entrepreneurs look for loss companies without liabilities for tax purposes.

Certain procedure and conditions need to comply in order to enjoy the tax benefit.


4. Fees

4 (a) Fees

Company type

Authorised Capital
Paid up Capital

New Incorporation

Ready made company

Loss company

Limited by guarantee (Yayasan/foundation)

Sole proprietors










RM 2,000

RM 2,300



RM    150

RM    200

Documents accompanying company purchased from URSB  are:-

       5 sets Memorandum and Articles of Association and original copy of certificate of incorporation.
       Registration of two directors ( free of charge)
       Form 24, 44 and 49
       Rubber stamp (1) -

       Register of members (1)
       Minute book (1)
       Common seal (1)

The recommended monthly fee for company secretarial  services are:-


    Private company (Sdn. Bhd.):
    -Dormant                                     50
    -Semi active                                70
    -Active                                       100
    Public company(Bhd.)                 150
    (Non listed)
    Foundation (Yayasan)                  80

The out of pocket expenses and service tax will be billed on amount incurred  and recoverable from clients on top of the agreed secretarial fee.

Winding Up

Free initial winding up advice

The company after winding  order is made will be under control of  the insolvency director (government officer) or liquidators (chartered accountants with liquidators liscense).

The members, creditors and court can wind up the company.

In cases of members voluntary winding up, directors can be appointed as liquidators but do they have the experience?

Strike off under Sec. 308 by CCM can be done if the company has no liabilities with small paid up capital.

The liquidators fee either follow the rates as in the Companies Act. 1965 or based on time charges of the liquidators.

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