The company operates in tandem with National Firms of Chartered Accountants who is member of international network of accountants and business advisers.

Clients that going global will be taken care of by international network that have offices in major commercial cities of the world.

For those who want set up companies in low tax areas, we have the associates in:-


             Channel Island


Company Searches

We provide a company search service to meet any given need. The search include name search, shareholders and directors search, charges created on assets, financial data or any winding up petition. The search of companies incorporated in foreign countries can also be done through our international network.

Orders can be placed by post, phone, fax or email.

Start up advice

Should I form a limited liability company or unlimited sole proprietor or partnership?

My business is growing and need advice as to whether I can convert my sole proprietor business into private limited company.

I  plan to carry on various businesses under one company- Is this advisable

I want to go into business but do not know how and where to start. Our wide professional experience and contacts should be able to give you appropriate advise for solid take off into business world.


We have “accountant on line”. We do all the postings and produce various financial reports accessible anywhere and anytime. You don’t have to buy accounting software or employ accounting staff.

You need staff just to prepare payment vouchers issue receipts and file various accounting documents. The major portion of recording, analysing and preparation of the accounts will be handled by us. We will also liaise with the external auditors if so requested.

You can outsource your accounting function which will provide more time for your core business.

We also have offline accounting services where recording  are done using computer or manual and reports given to you within time specified to us.


Taxation is a cost that need proper planning and control.

In certain situation directors are liable for tax of the company if he/she own substantial shares in the company.

All tax filing and computation are automated and online.

Client will be given a copy of annual  budget book for their reference.

Tax law now has shifted the responsibilities of compliance to tax payers with heavy tax penalty on non compliance.

We again ahead of other practitioners when we installed new tax software program just to be up to date in providing services to clients.


We have provided services to local entrepreneurs, subsidiaries of international companies and also to government and statutory  bodies.

Our clients involved in various activities ranges from voluntary organization, government statutory bodies and larger companies.

Some of the activities of our clients are:-

Surveyors, lawyers, doctors, manufacturing, mini markets, investment holdings, agro based, property development, ticketing agent, motorcar distributors,  general trading and supplies, private colleges, public transport and restaurants.

Registered Office Facilities

Every company must have a registered office where the minute books, members register are kept and can be inspected.

It is advisable that the registered office be at the office of company secretary so that it facilitate inspection by members and CCM.

Company Secretarial Services

Company secretaries must be conversant with companies Act.

All round experience in company secretarial matters are necessary in ensuring clients get the value for services.

Only experienced and professional qualified company secretary is in a position to give good advice to directors.

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